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Keeping Up on Your Hamster
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Here is my recommended routine for keeping your hamsters healthy and cutting down on the time spent doing it.

Every Day

1. Observe your hamster to make sure he/she is healthy.

2. Dump out uneaten food and refill the bowl.

3. Change water in water bottles.

4. Check for any wet bedding. If there is any, remove whatever is soiled.

5. Spend some time with your hamster: hold it and give it some TLC!

Once A Week

1. Change the bedding in your cage.

2. Clean out water bottles.

3. Check your hamster(s) over for any physical problems, like lacerations, cuts, etc.

4. Check your supplies: make sure you have plenty of food.

5. Clean any add-ons or tubes.

6. Clean area around the cage (if need be).

Once A Month

1. Thoroughly clean out your cage. Fill up the bathtub with a mild detergent or deodorizer and let the cage soak for a few minutes. Wipe it out with a washcloth and dry it completely.

2. Wash all of the food bowls, water bottles, toys, balls, etc.