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If you've ever been to Petsmart or Petco and observed the many rows of hamster supplies, you already know it's easy to spoil a hamster. On this page, I have lists of some of the best items to spoil your hamster with.

1. CHINCILLA SAND (around $5.50 per bag) - This "sand" is safe for any type of hamster. If your hamster has oily or grimy fur, letting them roll in this will make their fur shiny and soft again.  Do NOT use Chinchilla dust.  It can cause respiratory problems.

Chincilla Dust

2. TOOTHBRUSH (around $1) - If your hamster needs a grooming, toothbrushes work very well for smoothing down hair.

3. MULTIPET VITAMINS (around $4 per bottle) - These powdered and liquid vitamins can be added to food or water. They'll give your hamster an extra nutritional boost. These types of vitamins are made by Mardel, Sunscription, and others.

Multipet Vitamins

4. TREATS ($2 - $3 per box) - All hamsters need treats. There are all kinds, ranging from yogurt drops to crispy waffles.

Small Animal Waffle Treats

5. HAMTRAC AND BALL (around $17 for both) - Hamsters love to run. They'll enjoy running around in a plastic ball. Hamtracs keep the ball from rolling away or down the stairs.

Hamster Ball

6. Kritter Cruiser (around $10 each) - If you'd like to see your hamster man a hotrod, than these hilarious wheels are made for you. Put the hamster in the front wheel and be entertained! The car rolls along the floor as your hamster runs! Also, this car can be placed on the Hamtrac.

Kritter Cruiser

7. "SALT SAVORS" SALT WHEELS (around $2.50 for 4) - All hamsters should have salt wheels, but these are even flavored! From apple to celery to corn, these miniature salt wheels were made for dwarves!

8. HAMSTER LITTER BOX (around $4) - It's unbelievable, but these colorful litter boxes actually work. They come with hamster litter and even a mini scooper!

Hamster Litter Box

9. HAMSTER HOMES ($3 - $7) - There are a wide variety of hamster homes out there, from plastic TVs to polyresin palaces. Dwarves absolutely love these, and they make interesting hamster habitat decor.

Hamster TV

Hamster Homes