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About My Dwarf Hamsters
About Me

Unfortunately, I am a terrible photographer, so I was unable to get any pictures of my dwarfs. (But did I try!) So, instead of showing them to you, I will tell you about them.

I have a male Argente-Mottled dwarf hamster with red eyes. His name is Boo, from the book To Kill A Mockingbird. I have had him since July of 2001. But, I'm not sure how old he is.

I have a female albino dwarf hamster named Honky Sue. Don't ask where that name came from! My parents went to Petsmart and came back with her and said, "That is her name.", so I didn't have much choice. As with Boo, I got her in July of 2001, and I don't know her age. She has given birth to 3 litters of 8, 8, and 7 pups.

My other male hamster is a mixture of mottled and agouti. His name is Abner. This is his name because he was born while I was in the musical 'Li'l Abner', which was November of 2001. He is one of my nicest hamsters.

Abner's companion, Daisy Mae, is an argente-mottled dwarf hamster (daughter of Boo). She was born the same day Abner was, only to a different litter of mine. She has given birth to 1 litter of 9 pups.

My last adult dwarf is Jan. She is a blue fawn with black eyes. She is the daughter of my very first dwarf hamster, Jean Louise (who passed away this year). She is a very nice dwarf hamster (a little chubby, too).

These are my six adult dwarf hamsters. They take up four cages in my room. I enjoy owning dwarfs very much! Though they are very small, they seem to have big personalities to me.

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