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Getting Started: A Shopping List


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Getting Started: A Shopping List
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Here are two shopping lists; one for Petsmart and one for Petco. I made these lists for these two companies because they are national and are located in many regions. Some of you may not have access to them, but this list should be of help to you, anyway.

These lists will get you started with the necessities you will need for your first dwarf hamster. There is a price listing of all the items and a total below. I have chosen wire cages and all other items suitable for dwarfs. These lists are economic, and you will be able to find similar items at other stores. So, get started!

My Petsmart List

1. This is a compact, two story wire cage any dwarf hamster will love. It comes with a food dish, water bottle, wheel, and house, so those items don't need to be worried about. It is $24.99.

Petsmart Wire Cage

2. Bedding is another important item you will need. Remember, no cedar! Carefresh or Kaytee brand are perfect for dwarfs. 1500 cubic inches is a perfect size for several months if you only have one cage. A 1500 cu. in. bag of litter is $3.69.

Petsmart Bedding

3. A water bottle is a definite need, but dwarfs only need a small water bottle. As shown in the picture, many sizes are available, but you will only need the smallest one, the 4 oz. It is $1.99.

Petsmart Water Bottles

4. Chew sticks are a must in the world of dwarf hamsters. These chew sticks, shaped like fast food, will last your dwarf a long time. There are other, smaller types of chewsticks for slightly cheaper, also. These chewsticks are $2.99.

Petsmart Chew Sticks

5. And, last but not least, food. There are so many varieties of hamster food on the market, it's difficult to choose which is the best. Look for brands like Nutriphase and Vitakraft. This bag of food is 2.75 lb. It costs $4.99.

Nutriphase Gold Hamster Food

Total: $38.55
Not including tax or price of hamster.

My Petco List

1. This is a cage suitable for dwarf hamsters. It has a quiet exercise wheel and comes in various colors. It is $19.99.

Petco Cage

2. Bedding is another important aspect of hamster care. Don't use cedar! There are many sizes available, but if you only have one or two hamsters, than a smaller size is right for you. This is Carefresh bedding, which works as good, if not better, than pine. It is especially good for dwarfs with allegies or sensitive skin. It is $5.49 for the smaller bag.

Carefresh Bedding

3. This water bottle was designed for dwarf hamsters. It is small and durable. It is $3.19.

Petco Water Bottle

4. Food bowls are important when keeping your hamster's cage sanitary. They keep the food clean and are easy to refill. This bowl is $1.99.

Petco Food Bowl

5. Your dwarf will need chew sticks to control the growth of its incisors. These cost $2.09.

Petco Bark Chew Sticks

6. And lastly, food. Every dwarf needs it. As mentioned to the left, be careful when selecting your food. This is a 3 lb. bag, and it costs $5.49.

Petco Fiesta Food

Total: $38.24
Not including tax or price of hamster.

These prices and totals are subject to change.