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All About Dwarf Hamsters contains all kinds of information about owning dwarf hamsters

Welcome to the Dwarf Hamster Information Super Highway!

Do you own one or more Campbell's dwarf hamsters or want to? Then this is the site for you. It contains wide varieties of information concerning the care, health, feeding, housing, and breeding of dwarf hamsters.

As for me, my name is Mary, and I'm a freshman at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas. I am doublemajoring in Pre-vet/English.  I love animals! I work at a local veterinary clinic and have hands-on experience with all kinds of animals every day. In fact, I have one dog, five cats, one 46-gallon saltwater aquarium, and a constantly fluctuating number of dwarf hamsters.

As a multiple dwarf hamster owner and breeder, I hope to give you as much information about these pocket pets as possible. They're small but lovable and are great entertainers. All of the time I have raised dwarf hamsters, I've learned a great deal about them. So, have fun and search my site!

Also, be sure to give me feedback! It is always welcome, and I enjoy getting it. I appreciate comments, suggestions, and especially questions. If you ever have any inquiries or problems, feel free to email them to me anytime. Otherwise, enjoy the site!

Cecilia, our calico baby
In loving memory of Cecilia, who passed away April 22, 2003. We will miss her very much.

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Be sure to read my newest article, "Handling and Taming Your Dwarf" to find out very important information about hamsters that bite and how you can change them!

Take a look at my article, "Getting Started: A Shopping List", to learn what every dwarf hamster owner needs.

Check it out! If you're having trouble sexing your hamster, then my article, "Male or Female?" is for you! I have added a new diagram which should help you very much. .

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your dwarf hamster, do NOT hesitate to email me.  I'm sorry for any emails I haven't gotten to.  My schedule has been very hectic, as I recently started college.  Sorry for any inconvenience!


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