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To keep your hamster healthy, make sure to follow these guidelines.

Dove-colored dwarf hamster


1) Clean your hamster cage every week. This means, change the bedding. Wipe out any wet spots and add more bedding.

2) Once a month, clean your hamster cage with mild detergent. Dry it completely so it stays sanitary.

3) Change your hamster's water everyday.

4) Change your hamster's food everyday.

5) Every other day, clean anything that's soiled.

6) Every day, if there is any, remove wet bedding.

7) Give your hamster pieces of unscented toilet paper to make a nest.

8) Keep the hamster cage away from doors, direct sunlight, and pets or small children.

9) Make sure your hamster is in the temperature range of 60 - 90 degrees, otherwise it could be fatal.

10) Spend plenty of time with your hamster everyday and handle it often. This will keep your hamster tame and healthy.


1) Never use cedar bedding. Always use aspen, pine, or other softwoods. Cedar will cause respiratory problems and death in dwarf hamsters!

2) Never give your hamster a bath, no matter how dirty it is. Chinchilla sand, which can be purchased at a pet store, is a good alternative. It is safe for dwarf hamsters and many of them like to roll in it. It will remove excess oils from the fur.

3) Never leave vegetables, fruits, or any other spoilable foods in the cage for more than 24 hours.

4) Never leave the top of the cage off for long, or the hamster could escape.

5) Try not to drop your hamster.

6) If your hamster becomes sick, don't try home remedies. Take it to the vet.