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They're finally here! The baby hamsters! What do you do now? Just sit back and watch!

2-day-old hammie

When they're first born, they're pink, hairless, deaf, and blind. But, not to worry, mom will take good care of them. Campbell's usually give birth to an average of six in a litter but it can range from 1 to 14 pups!

Week-old agouti babies

Your new hamsters will grow quickly. By day three, they should have whiskers. By day six, they will grow body hair.

9-day-old argente babies

By day ten or around then, your hamsters' eyes will open. Still, you long to hold them, but there isn't much you can do. You can offer them tiny pieces of apple.

On day fourteen, you can finally hold your baby hamsters and clean out their cage.  Don't worry if mom panics a little bit; this is normal. She might run around a bit, but she will calm down in a few minutes.
By day eighteen, they will be weaned.  If you don't want anymore babies for awhile, consider housing the mom and her daughters in one cage and the father and his sons in another cage.  This will keep everyone happy. 
Now for the sad part: finding your hamsters a new home. Whether selling them to the pet shop or giving them away, make sure they will have a decent home.  They are old enough to be given away at about 4-5 weeks of age.  They will be sexually mature in 2 months.

Baby hamsters are not too much work for you but for mom they are. Be sure to give her a few weeks of rest before breeding her again.

If you plan on breeding hamsters, good luck and be sure you have homes lined up. You'll be surprised how quickly pups can add up.
If you're having trouble finding homes, consider posting an ad in the paper or on bulletin boards in vet clinics, humane societies, or pet shops.

2-week-old agouti

Thanks to for the wonderful baby hamster pictures!