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Caring for the New Arrivals
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For the most part, mother dwarf hamsters do a superb job of caring for their young. Sometimes, though, there are things you can do to help her along. Below is a list of things you can do after her litter has been born.

Argente mother with babies

Days 1 - 7: Leave the cage completely alone. Don't bother the mother. Only get in the cage to change food and water.

Day 8: Cut up tiny pieces of apple (or carrot) and put them in the nest with the pups. It's very funny to watch them eat the pieces! These foods will help keep the babies from becoming dehydrated, which is crucial when they are this age.

Day 9: Offer mom snacks and let her have a break from motherhood. Take her out of the cage and hold her for a few minutes or let her run around in a ball.

Day 10: As with Day 8, offer the babies more soft fruit pieces.

Day 11: Lower the water bottle to 1/2" - 3/4" from the bedding so the babies can reach it.

Day 12 - 14: Continue to offer very small amounts of apple and carrot, but do so sparingly. Around the 12th, be sure to always have plenty of their regular diet (seeds and pellets) available because the babies will start to eat this. Also, let the mother have some alone time by handling her or putting her in her ball.

Day 15 - 18: Make sure the babies are eating the regular seed/pellet diet, just like the mother. Watch to make sure they have found the water bottle and know how to drink from it.

Day 19: The babies are now ready to be separated from mom. Though it might seem upsetting, the mom will be glad for the rest and relaxation time!