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Feeding your Dwarf

There really isn't much to feeding a hamster. They need a staple diet of seeds, pellets, and grains. Several good brands to look for are Nutriphase, Sunscription, Kaytee, and Vitakraft. They make healthy mixes and treats.

Fiesta mix from Kaytee


Dwarf hamsters love treats and there are many options. Vitakraft sells varieties of treats ranging from yogurt to waffles. But, if you can't seem to get ahold of the brands, make up your own!

Feast Fit For a Hamster

1) Lettuce
2) Oats
3) Dry Catfood
4) Bread 'n milk (for mothers-to-be)
5) Broccoli
6) Apple
7) Peanut Butter (mine seem to prefer creamy)
8) Shredded Cheese
9) Tomatoes
10) Carrots
11) Corn
12) Dog Biscuits
13) Cooked meat (make sure it is cool)
14) Yogurt (avoid yogurt with sugar)
15) Berries (make sure they're well-washed)
16) Pumpkin (without the seeds)

Hungry dwarf

Read this section CAREFULLY!

WARNING: Several other types of vegetables and fruit can be given to your hamster, but be careful! Always choose healthy, clean fruits and veggies. Avoid oranges and other citric fruits. They are high in acidity and can cause problems. Also, don't overfeed green vegetables (such as lettuce, celery, etc.) because they will cause stomach upset. Feeding greens once a week is ample. Never feed anything sharp, sticky, or sugary. CAUTION: Avoid any types of sugary foods. Dwarf hamsters are very susceptible to diabetes. Other than that, your hamster will thrive on his/her new favorite snacks!