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Here are some interesting tidbits I've learned along my hamster crusades.

Black-eyed white dwarfs

...When dwarf hamsters are pregnant, you can determine the sex of the babies! By controlling the temperature in the room the mother is kept, you can manipulate whether she will have more boys or girls. If you keep her in warmer temperatures, she will have more boys. If you keep her in cooler temperatures, she will have more girls.

...Hamsters can remember their relatives.

...Hamsters can be taught how to come by name.

...Dwarf hamsters live about 1.5 to 2 years but can live to be 4.

...Dwarf hamsters' breeding season is from April to September. But, if kept in lighting that stays on for eight hours or more a day, they will continue to breed throughout the entire year.

...Female dwarf hamsters can give birth as young as five weeks. This is not recommended though. You should wait until she is at least 3 months old.

...Campbell's dwarf hamsters are a very new breed. They weren't widely sold as pets until around 1995.

...Once baby hamsters are a week old, the parents most likely will not eat them.
...Hamsters cannot be spayed or neutered.  In order to stop pregnancy, you must separate the male and female.
...If your hamster's toe nails are getting long, it is possible to clip their nails at home.  Use baby nail clippers and clip off the very ends of the nails.  Don't clip too short!  Or, try lining the hamster's running wheel with fine grain sandpaper, and the ends of his nails will be worn down while he runs.
...Does your hamster avoid his chewsticks and chew on his cage bars?  Then try giving him dog biscuits.  They're hard, tasty, and wear down his teeth.  He will want to chew on the biscuit rather than the cage.