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My Other Pride and Joy
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About Me

Not only do I love dwarf hamsters, I also love cats! They have always been a part of my life and here, I'm sharing some of their pictures.

Cecilia and Oliver
Cecilia and Oliver

This is Butch, our stray who chose us as his family.

This is our newest addition to the family. Her name is Carmella, and she's a domestic longhair.

Sophie Belle
This is Sophie our Border Collie looking rather sad. (She doesn't like to get her picture taken.)

This is Cecilia's half-sister, Bessie Jo.

These are my cats. Oliver is the only male and the oldest cat of the bunch. His birthday is April 4, 1997. As for Cecilia, we're not sure when her birthday was, but we guess it was June 15, 2000. And then, there is my baby, Bessie Jo. She was found, along with her five brothers and sisters, in a shed in the middle of winter. They were almost dead, but the owners of her mother revived them, and we're blessed to have her. We guess her birthday is November 5, 2000. Cecilia and Bessie are half-sisters. Well, enough about my cats. Thanks for visiting my site!!!